Fundraising Consulting

Fundraising Consulting

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Choosing a Charity Fundraising Consultant

Are you considering an event in the upcoming year? When you choose to work with Alpenglow for fundraising consulting, we work with you to plan an unforgettable event. Ideally, the non-profit organizations that we work with will contact us 1 year in advance from the time of the event. We work with the NPO to schedule meetings and gather information based on previous fundraising endeavors, in order to have as many metrics as possible. The more information we know, the better we can prepare for the upcoming event.

While we are planning for your event, we will build a relationship with you and talk through what you perceive as potential weaknesses and strengths regarding the event. We consider this our version of SWOT analysis, but we treat it with much more leniency because we understand that things can change rapidly when it comes to event planning.

The Benefits of Working With a Fundraising Specialist

While working with you, we will do our best to look at the data to see if we are missing any particular information that would be deemed crucial. We look at how other groups are performing, and what they are missing out on in their area of expertise. We also work closely with the board/committee/staff to ensure we aren’t missing something that has the potential to better leverage ourselves and increase visibility, attendance, and donations.

The relationship between Alpenglow and the non-profit organization does not end there. Following the event, we will continue to work with you to review the event and see what worked well and what could use improvement. This gives Alpenglow the opportunity to constantly evolve and deliver the best of the best, to all non-profit organizations that we work with for fundraising consulting.

If you have any questions or are interested in charity consulting, please do not hesitate to contact us. Alpenglow will assist you in finding ways to raise money for your charity.

Fundraising Consulting

"Many thanks to you all for making it a great event. Your input early this year really helped formulate the [night], and we all appreciate your thoughts an advice."

- Furniture Masters

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