Fundraising Consulting

Alpenglow works with our clients to tailor fit a solution to their fundraising needs. We work all over the country and for various sized NPOs. We welcome the opportunity to help you be empowered to prosper and keep driving your mission towards your dream goals.

Positive development and the celebration of your success is the basis of our work. Let us partner with you to aid your forward trajectory and be bold!

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Follow Up

Watch my video and find out why it is important to follow up.

Story Telling

Watch our video to find out why storytelling is important when it comes to fundraising.


Watch our video to find out how to ensure an increase in ROI during your fundraiser.


Watch our video to find out how to set a goal for your event, and how to achieve it.

Going Virtual

Watch our video to find out how to create a successful event while being virtual.


"...I write to thank you again for helping to make our auction such a success. We may have pulled it off without you, but it would definitely not have been anywhere near as much fun or profitable!"

Alpenglow Updates


Organizing Impactful Fundraising Events on a Shoestring Budget

Small nonprofits can orchestrate impactful events that resonate with donors and stakeholders using cost-effective strategies and resourceful planning.


Quality Over Quantity: Rethinking Attendance Goals for Fundraising Events

Maximizing attendance at fundraising events isn't always the best strategy; focusing on the quality of engagement and attracting genuinely motivated attendees is crucial for long-term success and support.


How to Tailor Your Fundraising Strategy to Your NPO's Needs

This blog post provides a comprehensive guide on tailoring your nonprofit's fundraising strategy to its specific needs. We delve into the critical steps of understanding your organization's mission, goals, and audience, and how these factors should guide your fundraising efforts. We explore various fundraising methods, discuss the pivotal role of auctioneers, and emphasize the importance of adapting to feedback and leveraging technology. Whether you're a small local nonprofit or a large national entity, these insights will help you maximize your resources, engage your community, and significantly advance your mission.

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