About Us

About Us

glowing mountain range with a deep blue sky behind it
Generated over $2.7 million in funds in partnerships with NPO up and down the east coast from Maine to NY and as far afield as Colorado.

What is Alpenglow

Alpenglow is the rosy light of the setting or rising sun seen on high mountains. We represent this same phenomenon with each non-profit organization we work with. We want our non-profit organizations to glow and shine after working with us. Additionally, we reside in the mountains and it remains a key component of our lives. We chose the term to symbolize our business because nature is home, and home is where the heart is.

Assisted NPO's to raise over $2.8 million as live events got back underway!

Alpenglow - A Non-Profit Consultant

Alpenglow is a fundraising consulting firm with a specialization in events. Reliable yet innovative, always working to keep abreast of the changes and advances in the industry, Alpenglow is a national provider of consulting & auction services to philanthropic organizations. Our purpose is to help philanthropic organizations exceed their goals and to help them make our world a better place. Let us help you!

As certified Benefit Auctioneer Specialists, we work with our philanthropic organizations to enable them to achieve their financial goals while continuing the mission that supports their calling. With a focus on New England, but a nationwide reach, we want to empower you to prosper.

There is no non-profit organization that is too big or too small, we will work with you to facilitate a fun and exciting event that your attendees will not forget and will want to return to for years to come.

Facilitated the generation of close to $1 million for NPO’s in heart of COVID pandemic.

Alpenglow Mission

Our mission is to help non-profit organizations succeed and achieve their financial goals to help carry forward their missions. We consult with non-profit organizations and are capable of being the on-stage or screen person that requests funds from attendees.

Alpenglow works with our clients to tailor fit a solution to their fundraising needs. We work all over the country and for various-sized non-profit organizations. We welcome the opportunity to prosper and continue to reach your goals. Positive development and the celebration of your success are the basis of our work. Let us partner with you to aid your forward trajectory and be bold!

Raised over $1.6 million in partnership with NPO’s - Yes, during the pandemic!
Over $1.2 million in partnership with NPO’s from New York to Maine!

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