In the perfect world, we would have the ideal sponsors for our events, and we wouldn’t even have to reach out to them. Unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect, and sometimes we have to think outside the box to make events work. This means that you might have to rethink how you look at your sponsorships and what benefits are being offered. Below is a list of Sponsorships that you might now have thought about that can have a huge ROI for your organization and more importantly your Sponsors!

wifi with sponsor name


Most events need internet. If you have anything that you are selling, uploading, or streaming you will need WiFi for it to be profitable. Also, most people are glued to their phones and can’t make it 30 minutes without checking their: email, twitter, facebook, text messages…. Securing a WiFi Sponsor will cut down on your costs and keep a lot of people happy since their browsing won’t be slowed down. Win-Win

charging station

Phone Charging Station

We have already established that phones and tablets are part of our everyday lives. People are lost without their phones and need them from everything from email to directions. Having someone sponsor a phone charging station is a way to make sure that people can stay in constant communication. Also, it eliminates the need for people to search the ballrooms for that one elusive outlet and then fight for the ability to charge their phone. Plus most evening bags are not big enough to fit a travel battery, trust me I have tried!

infused water station

Water Bottles and Water Stations

This is more for special events and conferences, but a water bottle sponsor is a great way to cut costs and be more environmentally friendly. This way you can have someone sponsor refillable water bottles and another company sponsor water stations. It will reduce water bottles, decrease costs, and allow for an excellent PR opportunity with a green initiative. In addition, you can do anything from essential water to infused flavors that tie into your locale or theme. This is also a great idea if your event involves people exerting themselves.

fitness session for groups

Fitness Sessions

Let’s be honest attending a conference or significant event can be stressful. You are out of your routine, sitting with people you may not know, and just plain exhausted. Having a company sponsor a yoga or meditation session is a beautiful way for attendees to decompress, refocus, and increase energy. This is will increase their attention in the next session, decrease tension, and improve overall good will.

livestream on tablet


30% of people that watch a Livestream will attend that event next year, reports say. That is a pretty high ROI on a pretty low cost and low effort marketing tool that your sponsors would love. In addition, it is reaching people that are not at your event and are increasing the reach of your event and the sponsors’ products. Plus if you have items in a silent or live with an online bidding component, you can increase the opportunity to make more money on items!

These are just a few of the many sponsorship items that we see in the event world. Do you have a favorite sponsorship product or package that you like?

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