Everyone thinks they are an expert when it comes to décor and the feel of an event. Just because someone planned their wedding or Holiday Party it all of a sudden seems like they are an expert. Just remember that you have to put as much planning into how your event will look as you do to the marketing, menu selection, and invite list.

Today we are going to chat about the all-important flower arrangements (centerpieces). So often people think just about what flowers they like. They don’t give thoughts to how the flowers will merge with the overall event and how they will work logistically. These are such important things to consider when planning an overall event.

Height Matters

For instance, if you are having a live auction or a paddle raise at your event you need to consider how tall to make your floral arrangements. You want to make sure that your auctioneer can see the people that are raising their paddles. If they can’t see the paddle being raised they are going to lose a bid or lose money on a paddle raise. Make sure that everyone is visible at the table from all angles.

set table for event

Another thing to consider is the ability for people to talk at a table. If your floral arrangement is too robust or too high you will be disturbing the flow of conversation. Imagine having a seat next to you open and then the person next to you gets into a deep conversation with the person next to you. You are now essentially cut off from the conversation if you can’t see anyone over the centerpiece and you paid $200 for this event. That is just bad planning!

overhead decor with vines

Think about how to incorporate your theme into your décor without losing your sightlines!


Finally, when making your flower selections make sure that you consider the scent component of the flowers and not just the colors and composition. Certain flowers have very heavy and sometimes cloying scents. You don’t want to overwhelm your guests by having overly floral displays.

set table for event

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